About Us

We are a Credit Union and part of the national Credit Union movement.
We now operate in West Leeds and Bramley. Anyone who lives or works in West Leeds and Bramley is eligible to apply to become a member.

The West Leeds and Bramley Credit Union is run by a Management Committee.
This committee is elected by the members.
There is a yearly Annual General Meeting for all members.

In between, the Management Committee meet on a regular basis to manage the affairs of the Credit Union. There is a separate Loans' Committee which  evaluates Loan Applications from members.
 At the present time there are no paid members of staff (some large credit unions employ several staff).
You can come and meet us inside the Community shop at Bramley Shopping Centre. It is staffed by volunteers - so opening times are limited - check opening times on our Events page.

The members of the Management Committee for the Financial Year 2016 - 17 are as follows:-
Bernard Mc.Grath- Chair
Diane Law - Vice-Chair
Blanche Champion - Secretary
Jennifer Duck
John Battle
Sally Mc.Hale
Declan Lee
Anne Lonsdale - Treasury Team
Sheena Hogg - Treasury Team
Mary Battle acts as the Lay Auditor to the Credit Union (also known as the Supervisor to the Credit Union).

Some members of the Management Committee outside the Community shop in Bramley Shopping Centre
Members of the Bramley Credit Uniion Management Committee outside the Community Shop in Bramley Shopping Centre